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Canadian schools and universities receive their share of funding from the local, provincial, and federal governments. In Quebec, students ought to attend school until they are aged Likewise, children in Ontario and Quebec may enter kindergarten schools when they turn 4. In other provinces, they are admitted to kindergarten at age 5. The academic year in Canada typically starts in August or September after Labor Day and ends in June of the following year. Usually, a school year has days in the calendar including breaks for Christmas and summer.

Meanwhile, a university year runs from September to May of the following year with some universities operating on a semester or a trimester system. Most universities are considered non-religious. However, there are also privately funded institutions that are religious-based which provide equally excellent programs and are considered non-religious. However, there are also privately funded institutions that are religious-based excellent and high-quality education. Besides universities and colleges, there are also technical, applied arts and applied science schools that offer certificate, associate degree, and diploma programs.

Undergraduate degrees take about 3 to 4 years to complete depending on the university while a postgraduate degree may be completed in 1 to 3 years. Schools in Canada are classified into an English language or a French-language institution as Canada is a bilingual country.

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Some institutions offer instructions in both English and French languages, too. Schools and universities in Canada are regulated by provincial governments. Among the provinces, Quebec offers a different term time and length of study because of the CEGEP and its school calendar with a ten-day difference days from all other provinces days. The education system in Canada is unique as there are assessed and non-assessed subjects such as Language, Mathematics, and Sciences, which focus on the general curriculum.

Canada definitely has a lot to offer prospective students. Each state has its unique trait which makes it a great study abroad destination. Here are some of the best cities for international students in Canada:. Of course, students would flock to a university that is highly recognized worldwide or one that is situated alongside the prestigious university. Montreal is noted to be a culturally diversified city accepting immigrants from different cultures. Because of the high percentage of foreign students, the city promotes cultural respect and friendliness. Montreal also boasts an efficient transportation system which makes it attractive for international students.

Its public transit system is powered by a bus system with over bus routes, the metro, and the train service. This highly integrated transportation ticketing system makes it easier for foreign students to go to and from a certain place without passing through complicated thoroughfares. Furthermore, in terms of safety, health care assistance, and quality of life, Montreal would never disappoint in assuring these factors. Named as the most livable city in the world, Toronto is another ideal city for international students in Canada.

As with Montreal, Toronto is a city that can be considered a cultural hub with its concentration of food and art spaces catering to an international audience.

It also houses the University of Toronto famous for the high-quality education it provides its students. Additionally, it boasts of a business hub that could offer international students easy opportunities for internship or part-time jobs. Probably the most picturesque city in Canada is Vancouver -- with its natural landscape ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. In this city as with other cities in Canada international students do not have the problem of linguistic differences as it is an English-speaking country.

It also is a conducive environment for learning especially for those who want to explore the arts as this city is affluent in cultural expressions. The University of British Columbia and the Simon Fraser University, two highly recognized universities worldwide, are situated in Vancouver. Ottawa, a highly-urbanized and culturally-diverse city, is the capital of Canada.

It is where the University of Ottawa is located. Being a cosmopolitan area, Ottawa houses most consulates and embassies that international students can refer to. Major technology companies in the world also have offices in this city, hence, providing opportunities for students in business, marketing, and technology for internship and jobs.

Quebec follows a relatively different education system than the rest of Canada. Nonetheless, this city is another ideal place for studying as it is home to three world-recognized universities. It speaks both English and French which is a testament to its culturally diverse population. Moreover, Quebec is rich in history and culture that could offer a serene break for tired minds.

Students interested to study in any Canadian university have a list of procedures to follow and requirements to meet before being admitted to their selected university.

Below is a list of general requirements for prospective undergraduate and graduate international students as per Canadian university guidelines:. The main requirement for specialized programs is a completion of up to four years of study in a university. This applies to those students who wish to study health sciences, law, and architecture programs in any Canadian university. If you have made up your mind about finally taking that leap and getting a Canadian high-quality education, it is time to prepare your entry requirements to the country. As with any other country, Canada requires all foreign visitors to have a visa upon entry to their territory.

For prospective students, the first on the list is a student visa. However, for those students who would be taking a program lasting for six months or less, a student visa is not necessary. Otherwise, they would need to process a Canadian student permit.

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The same visa also provides an opportunity for full-time university students to get a part-time job on the campus. After graduation, there are also opportunities waiting for Canadian visa holders to be employed in a Canadian firm and even apply for a permanent resident status. The list below sums up the steps a foreign student need to undergo in acquiring a Canadian student permit or visa:. Depending on your country of origin, a Canadian student visa application may demand other requirements that are as follows:.

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Students who want to pursue their studies in Canada but are somehow hesitant because of tuition costs and living expenses need not worry because universities in Canada offer several scholarship programs. Each scholarship program has their own terms of applications and qualifications. Submitting a scholarship application at least 6 months before the term starts is advisable.

To know more about scholarship opportunities in Canada, below is a list of several scholarship programs you may want to apply for simultaneous with your university admission application in Canada:. This scholarship applies to both local and international graduate and postgraduate students from all disciplines of study. Applications for this scholarship usually close on the first week of October. The comment, in light of her profile, will take you aback that you'll find yourself wondering if she's testing you.

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